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  • CDC 4940 (TDF2)

    Phase III This study will test whether taking a pill of tenofovir and emtricitabine (two antiretroviral medicines) is safe for sexually-active young adults in Botswana without HIV infection and whether it will reduce their risk of getting an HIV infection. (Botswana)
    September 2011

  • MTN 003 (VOICE)

    Phase IIb To compare the safety and efficacy of oral versus topical pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for prevention of sexual transmission of HIV (Malawi, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe)
    August 2012


    Phase III To investigate the safety and effectiveness of a once-daily Truvada® pill (compared with placebo) in preventing HIV among HIV-uninfected women at risk of becoming infected through sexual intercourse. (Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, United Republic of)
    August 2012

  • Partners PrEP

    Phase III To see whether having PrEP in the bloodstream prevents the HIV uninfected partner from getting HIV. (Kenya, Uganda)
    December 2012

  • CDC 4370 (Bangkok Tenofovir Study)

    Phase III, II The primary goals of this study are to assess the safety and efficacy of daily tenofovir to prevent parenteral HIV infection among injection drug users (IDUs). Assessment of changes in HIV associated risk behaviors, adherence to study drug, and, among IDU who become HIV-infected during the trial, evaluation of HIV viral load set point, CD4 counts, genetic characterization of infecting HIV viruses, and antiretroviral resistance will also be done. (Thailand)
    June 2013

  • FACTS 001

    Phase III To assess the safety and effectiveness of intravaginal 1% tenofovir gel in prevention HIV-1 injection and HSV-2 infection in sexually active young women. (South Africa)
    December 2014

  • MTN 020 (ASPIRE)

    Phase III To assess safety and efficacy of the dapivirine ring. (Malawi, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe)
    December 2014

  • CAPRISA 008

    Phase III To provide post-trial access for HIV negative CAPRISA 004 study participants to tenofovir gel; to develop and assess an implementation model for tenofovir gel provision through family planning services; and, to collect additional data on gel safety. (South Africa)
    February 2015

  • HPTN 052

    Phase III Aims to assess immediate vs. delayed ART in HIV serodiscordant couples where the HIV infected individual has a CD4 cell count of 350 – 550 cells/mm. Delayed arm participants receive ART when their CD4 cell count falls below 250 cells/mm3 or they develop an AIDS-defining illness. (Botswana, Brazil, India, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Thailand, United States)
    April 2015

  • HVTN 505

    Phase IIb To determine the safety and efficacy of a VRC DNA/rAd5 vaccine regimen in healthy, circumcised men and male-to-female (MTF) transgender persons who have sex with men. (United States)
    April 2015

  • IPM 027 (The Ring Study)

    Phase III Phase II trial (with planned continuation as Phase III) to collect long-term safety and efficacy data on a long-acting dapivirine vaginal ring, replaced every four weeks. (Rwanda, South Africa)
    August 2015


    Phase III To evaluate a strategy for the prevention of HIV infection including "on demand" antiretroviral pre-exposure with Truvada versus placebo, associated with overall prevention (counselling, condoms, STD screening, HBV and HAV vaccinations and post-exposure treatment of HIV infection) in men who have sex with men (MSM), exposed to the risk of HIV infection. (Canada, France)
    December 2016

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  * The trial end-dates listed in this table are estimates.  Due to the nature of clinical trials, actual dates may change.  AVAC will
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